“Since 1972, it has been my privilege, passion and purpose to help my clients resolve their issues and build the life that they want.“

Thriving Beyond Addiction1



  • Cognitive: changing your thinking towards accurate and positive thinking
  • Behavioral: increasing desirable behavior and decreasing negative behavior
  • Emotional Regulation Training: learning to understand, regulate and benefit from social-emotional intelligence
  • Positive Psychology: using personal strengths and realistic optimism to build and    maintain one’s best life
  • Structural: structure highly influences your outcome, so setting yourself up for success is very essential
  • Very effective, cutting edge, solution oriented tool:
    • E.M.D.R. (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing): unconscious processing of issues through specific protocols
    • Hypnotherapy: through subconscious trance state work, clients are suggestible and responsiveness
    • N.L.P. (Neuro-Linguistic Programming): combines neurology, language and programming to map and change behaviors


  • Addiction Recovery: substance and behavioral addictions
  • Relationship/Coupleship: building and maintaining connection
  • Emotional Intimacy: building connection and bonding
  • Mental Health: moving out of illness and onto health
  • Performance: resolving mental-emotional blocks
  • Shifting into Thriving and Abundance: mentally-emotionally moving onto fully manifesting


Dr. Tom Rohrer

Tom Rohrer, PhD.

Life and Performance Coach and Psychotherapist

(MFC20325) in private practice in Walnut Creek, California, since 1979.

Thriving Beyond Addiction1

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Thriving Beyond Addiction1